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  • Manzanilla cacereña a lápiz.

    Elementos de la nueva etiqueta por Amanda Segurado.

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  • Medalla de plata, París 1900

    Lata de aceite de oliva que comercializaba don Daniel Berjano a principios del s.XX, después de recibir la Medalla de Plata en la Exposición Universal de París de 1900

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  • Revista de Extremadura - 4 de Septiembre de 1900

    Artículo de don Daniel Berjano en el que relata la visita y medallas de los expositores Cacereños a la Exposición Universal de París de aquel año.

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  • Guía RM AOVEs Salud & Deleite

    AOVE monovarietal de manzanilla cacereña Hacienda Nava del Rey incluído en 2015 en la Guía de AOVEs de Rosa Marchal "Salud & Deleite" recibiendo una Mención de Honor en el concurso del mismo nombre.

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Daniel Berjano 1900 silver medal

Hacienda Nava del Rey is a family business that summarizes nearly twenty years of efforts to recover a project conducted by D. Daniel Berjano Escobar on early last century.

 To produce and sell olive oil of the highest quality in the Sierra de Gata, that highlights the excellent qualities of manzanilla cacereña olives we harvest in this mountain region. He got a product of the highest quality for which he was awarded the silver medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris 1900. 5With the passing of years, factors related to rural exodus and loss of value of the product were degrading conditions under which we produced, harvested and elaborated the local oil and performance conditions of the trees themselves, in small productions like ours and adjusting to the strict conditions of organic agriculture, in many cases meant a slow deterioration of the poorest areas of olive groves.

Our production has qualities that stand out even among the local olive groves. M
ain reasons are advanced age and adaptation of trees, its location in the valleys of Villamiel, surrounded with medows of oaks, holm oaks and cork oaks that protect our olive trees from the cold winds, a soil that has given much joy to the growers of the area for several centuries and the result of nearly 20 years following the strict guidelines of organic 16

To extract this olive juice we have the almazara
 As Pontisone of the most technologically advanced in Spain and the most advanced of Extremadura.
 Always putting quality over performance, there we make, store and bottle our oil in top conditions. 3

Now we walk alone with our new brand, our goals are to increase performance of the olive trees, caring for and maintaining a sustainable environment adjusted to the high demands of organic farming;
 to increase time and personnel dedicated to caring and maintenance of our trees, to recover olive grows in degrading process and to make, year by year, a better product that puts the variety manzanilla cacereña in the place it deserves for the valuable organoleptic properties, its incredible aroma and balance to taste it has.